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Photos by Bob Magee

The Wedding of Rebecca Mulvey and Edward Waterman

April 22, 2001

These photos were taken by Ed's brother-in-law, Bob Magee.
Thanks, Bob, for all the great photographs.



Jenny Gardenier and Rebecca
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Jenny, Rebecca, and mom
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Ed, Brian, and Mike
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the vows
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Husband and Wife
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Ed and Rebecca
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bubbles for the newlyweds
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the exit
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the exit
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bubbles are soft, bird seed is hard
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in the car
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in the car
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at the Lock
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at the Lock
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The Bridal Party
Mike Richardson, Sarah Mulvey,
Ed Waterman, Rebecca Waterman,
Jenny Gardenier, and Brian Brown
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The Bridal Party
Mike Richardson, Sarah Mulvey,
Jenny Gardenier, and Brian Brown
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Ed and Rebecca
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Ed and Rebecca
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Ed and Rebecca arriving at the Lock
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the cake
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